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Burns and Allen (radio show)
The Shadow "Touch of Death"/Strange Dr. Weird "Murder Comes Home" (radio shows)
The Shadow (2/28/1943)/Strange Dr. Weird (11/28/1944)
Classical (feed)
Classic King-FM-98.1
Coolidge's neck of the woods (feed)
88.5 KQED-FM (San Francisco, California) News-Talk
Weather Man
(6/14/1935) Adrian and His Tap Room Gang
When the Bees Make Honey

I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)
(1929) Ipana Troubadours; Bing Crosby, vocal
If I Could Be With You

(1927) Eddie Miller's Dance Orchestra
Freeze Out
(1929) Clarence Williams and His Jazz Kings
Left My Gal In the Mountains
(1933) Gene Kardos and His Orchestra
Top Hat
(1935) Ray Noble and His Orchestra
I've Got You On My Mind
(1932) Leo Reisman and His Orchestra; Fred Astaire, vocal
(1926) Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra; The Keller Sisters and Lynch, vocal
Clementine (from New Orleans)
(9/15/1927) Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra
Gimme a Little Kiss, Will Ya? Huh?
(4/23/1926) Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra
Painting the Clouds With Sunshine
(6/14/1929) Jean Goldkette and His Orchestra (from Warner Brothers "Gold Diggers of Broadway")
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
(1937) Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra
(1935) Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra
(5/19/1942) Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra
What Do We Do On a Dew-Dewy Day?
(1927) Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orchestra; Johnny Martin, vocal
I Wonder What's Become of Joe?
(1926) Ernie Golden and His Hotel McAlpin Orchestra
(1928) Joe Venuti's Blue Four
Body and Soul
(1930) Majestic Dance Orchestra
Public Radio (feed)

Classical (feed)

I gathered several of these selections from Dismuke's Phonograph Records which is just a wonderful site for early music.

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