The War Room
These are very large photos that will take awhile to download, but they are also full of detail. A history in pictures.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Declaration of war against Japan (12/08/1941) Poster by James Montgomery Flagg Rita Hayworth became active in metal parts collecting, as well as war bonds for the war effort. Sugar rationing
Roosevelt signing the Declaration of war Uncle Sam Poster Rita Hayworth sugar rationing
A school boy using a war ration book A man working on the hull of a U.S. submarine in Groten, Conn. Invasion of Cape Glouchester, New Britain (12/24/1943) U.S. Marine "Raiders" and their dogs, which scout and run messages.
A boy and his rationing book A man working on a submarine. At Cape Gloucester, New Britain Marine 'Raiders' with their dogs
Marine PFC. Douglas Lightheart cradles his 30-cal machine gun. His buddy, PFC. Gerald Churchby takes a smoke. Bing Crosby sings to allied troops at the London Stage Door Canteen in Piccadilly, London, England (8/31/1944) Danny Kaye entertains 4,000 5th Marine Div. (10/25/1945) Mickey Rooney imitates some Hollywood actors for the 44th Division. (4/13/1945)
Two soldiers relax Bing Crosby performs at the London Stage Door Canteen Danny Kaye performs for the troups Mickey Rooney does his impressions of Hollywood actors for the 44th division.
Marlene Dietrich autographs the cast on the leg of TEC 4 Earl E. McEarland in a U.S. hospital in Belgium (1/24/1944) Medics helping an injured soldier in France. (1944) Parachutes open overhead, landing in Holland of the 1st Allied Airborne Army (9/1944) USS Shaw exploding during the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor. (12/7/1941)
Marlene Dietrich signs a cast. An injured man receives attention by medics in France. Parachuting into Holland by Allied Airborne Army USS Shaw explodes after bombing of Pearl Harbor

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